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Advanced Problem & Anomaly Detection

Dette kursus, der er helliget problemdetektion, demonstrerer bedste praksis og dækker Zabbix-tuning med detektering af de mest følsomme udløsere og definition af brugerdefinerede tærskler ved hjælp af kontekstbaserede brugermakroer. Det ultimative mål med kurset er at vise de mest hensigtsmæssige måder at opdage problemer under forskellige scenarier.

Advanced Problem & Anomaly Detection
Product covered
Zabbix 6.4
1 day
Course prerequisite

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Acquired skills and knowledge

  • Detect problems by configuring Zabbix triggers to analyze collected metrics in a variety of ways
  • Detect problems in numeric and string data
  • Populate the detected problems with additional information about the environment in question
  • Prevent trigger flapping and alert storms
  • Analyze and compare long-term data trends and react to unexpected changes
  • Aggregate the collected metrics and detect problems across large data sets
  • Monitor data baseline values and react to unexpected deviations
  • Dynamically detect and react to anomalous data points
  • Use forecasting functions and proactively react to predicted problem states
  • Reduce the number of alerts by defining dependencies between components such as routers and switches or any other interconnected elements
  • Receive alerts about root cause problems by configuring Zabbix event correlation features

Course program


  • There is no exam after the course, but every attendee gets an official Zabbix certificate.

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