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Zabbix Certified Expert

Dette kursus går i dybden med de avancerede dele af Zabbix, så du lærer at opsætte Zabbix sikkert og effektivt. Du får en dybere forståelse for virkemåden, automatisering samt vedligeholdelse.

Zabbix Certified Expert (ZCE)
Product covered
Zabbix 6.0
5 days
Course prerequisite
Zabbix Certified 6.0 Professional exam
Previous level

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Acquired skills and knowledge

  • Tune your Zabbix database to ensure optimal performance when monitoring tens of thousands of monitoring endpoints
  • Upgrade to the latest Zabbix release with minimal downtime
  • Configure SELinux and add an additional layer of security to your Zabbix servers
  • Encrypt connections to and from your Zabbix instance with TLS certificate encryption
  • Secure your most sensitive credentials in an external HashiCorp vault
  • Configure SNMPv3 monitoring for your network devices, servers and other hardware
  • Integrate Zabbix with LDAP/SAML or configure custom HTTP authentication
  • Understand the internal Zabbix inter-process communication logic and database structure
  • Automate tasks such as host onboarding/offboarding and configuration updates with Zabbix API
  • Write Zabbix API scripts to integrate Zabbix with external systems


Course program

Certificates and gifts

  • Course attendance certificate
  • Zabbix backpack
  • Zabbix 6.0 Certified Expert certificate (upon successfully passing the exam)
  • Zabbix 6.0 Expert pin (upon successfully passing the exam)

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