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Zabbix Certified Professional Upgrade

Opgrader din certificering til ZCP 6.0. Lær, hvordan du får mest muligt ud af Zabbix 6.0 LTS-funktioner ved at implementere en serverklynge med høj tilgængelighed, skabe dynamiske problemtærskler og reducere belastningen ved at bruge de nyeste forbehandlingsfunktioner.

Zabbix Certified Professional (ZCP) Upgrade
Product covered
Zabbix 6.0
2 hours
Course prerequisite
Zabbix 5.0 Certified Professional and Zabbix 6.0 Certified Specialist certificates
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Acquired skills and knowledge

  • Use Zabbix throttling feature on Zabbix proxies to reduce network load and improve Zabbix performance
  • Transform CSV and XML data to JSON for simplified data processing
  • Secure connections to Zabbix database backend by using TLS certificates
  • Implement disaster recovery by deploying multiple Zabbix server nodes in high availability mode
  • Analyze and detect problems in long-term metric trends
  • Monitor data baseline values and react to unexpected deviations
  • Dynamically detect and react to anomalous data points

Course program

Certificates and gifts

  • Upon successfully passing the exam: Zabbix 6.0 Certified Professional certificate
  • Upon successfully passing the exam: Zabbix 6.0 Professional pin

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